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Obagi Nu-Derm System Transformation

Khurshida initially booked a consultation with us last year as she was very conscious about her pigmentation on her face. She felt it had become worse over time and people were now pointing it out. It was really bothering her and she wanted to do something about it.

We explained to Khurshida as medical professionals we are able to work with the best medical skincare brands such as Obagi. These products contain a high % of active ingredients which can work down under the skin layers for quick and effective results.

We spoke about the Nu-derm System by Obagi. This contains 7 products and lasts up to 16 weeks. These products include the ingredient hydroquinone which is a skin lightener and great to treat pigmentation.

We explained various different options including skincare and in-clinic treatment. On this day, we also did a Hydrafacial to remove dead skin on the face revealing more brighter and glowing skin. This will also allow products to penetrate deeper now the skin has been exfoliated.

Khurshida had a think and decided she wanted to try the Nuderm system, which contains- a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, Spf and 3 pigmentation serums. These were ordered and sent out to her and she started using in December.

Over the months we checked how Khurshida was getting on with the products and then booked in for a review 3 months later. At the review we were shocked to see the amazing results!

Khurshida was more confident, comfortable and happier with her skin. The pigmentation was visibly lighter as you can see from the pictures. This was solely from the products and no retinols/vitamin c or in clinic treatments.

It looked great! We advised to continue with the products as well as introducing Tretinoin and vitamin c for better results. We explained having Skinpen microneedling can also enhance results quickly and more effectively.

Khurshida was very happy with the results so far and is deciding on what to do next with her skincare journey.

If you have any questions about this treatment please get in touch- 07547 236488

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