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A family run business consisting of mother and daughter medical practitioners, trained by Harley Street. We are fully qualified, registered and award-winning practice based in Bedfordshire.


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Laser Hair Removal uses light energy to permanently destroy individual hair follicles. This treatment targets the roots beneath the surface of the skin using a medical grade laser to prevent regrowth. Our laser is safely designed to treat all skin types including men and women.

At our Medical Spa, our experienced skin specialists use the newest Candela gentle pro max PLUS. This machine has a cooling device attached for your absolute comfort.

We advise at least 10 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart for maximum effect and full permanent hair reduction. We welcome you to a complimentary consultation and patch test where our skin specialists can create a treatment plan for your desired outcome.

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We are an Award-winning practice specialising in enhancing your natural beauty, leaving you feeling Confident and Ready to Take on the World.

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We understand hunger can be a barrier to getting in the way of your diet and goal of losing weight. Our Award-Winning Nurse who specialises in diabetes and has over 20 years of experience in dealing with weight loss and pre-diabetic patients is on a life-long mission to help people to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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