Laser Hair Removal

Lucy’s Laser Hair Removal Experience

Lucy has recently started her laser hair removal journey with us at Escape Aesthetics. She had previously tried a few sessions elsewhere but wasn’t getting the results she hoped for.

At Escape Aesthetics we are proud to be the first clinic in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire to have the latest and brand new machine by Candela, who are the leaders in laser hair removal. The new technology by Candela- Gentle Pro Max Plus, has a built in cryogen cooling system which bursts out ice cold air milliseconds before the laser for a painless treatment. It is also super fast so full body laser hair removal can be done in 1 hour instead of 3 hours! No gel is needed and you simply mark the areas and laser!

Lucy has given us some feedback from her sessions with us and found the treatment was completely painless and comfortable even on the most sensitive areas such as bikini. She also found the hair growth slowed down after only one session and her underarm hair did not grow back for 4 weeks.

Lucy was also surprised to see her Hollywood hair fall off while she was exfoliating in the shower. This is amazing for only 2 sessions of full body laser.

With this incredible machine we are expecting to see 100% permanent hair reduction after the 10 sessions are completed. Once the sessions are done, a top up maybe needed once a year is required if needed.

Lucy has been very pleased with her results so far and can’t wait to be hair-free for the summer!

If you’re interested in starting your laser hair removal journey with us you can book below.

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