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Vickis Dermal Filler Transformation

Vickis Dermal Filler Transformation

Vicki came to us worried about lack of volume in the face. She was particularly concerned about her lower face including marionette lines. She also wanted a lift in the face and volume in the cheeks.

We did a full consultation for Vicki and advised Dermal filler which contains hyaluronic acid would definitely help add volume, lift and enhance her cheeks. The filler can also be used around the mouth area to soften smile lines and marionette lines (lines from the corner of the mouth)
However Vicki was also concerned about smaller fine lines on the skin which we advised her to start using medical grade skincare such as retinol, vitamin c and other exfoliators as well as Spf daily to prevent loss of and reproduce new collagen in the skin

Another treatment we discussed was PRP combined with hyaluronic acid which is our new treatment injecting your own plasma into the skin to help revitalise, produce new collagen and help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Vicki decided to have a filler package initially and then come back for the cellular matrix PRP as 3 sessions of that are required. We applied our very strong numbing cream and got the fillers ready. We use the best and highest quality fillers on the market bought from FDA approved renowned pharmacies. We enhanced and added volume to the cheeks, injected the smile lines and marionette lines. This is all a very quick and easy process. We used a cannula which is the safest technique and has minimal downtime or pain during the treatment. Vicki felt fine during the treatment and didn’t experience any pain. She loved the instant results and saw a difference straight away even though it can take 2-4 weeks to settle If you are thinking about having Dermal Filler please give us a call for a free consultation – 07547 236488
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