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Tracey’s Focus Dual Experience At Escape Clinic

We love the response we are getting from the amazing Focus Dual!

Our clients are seeing great results already, in particular today we wanted to talk about Tracey’s results with the Focus Dual.

For those of you who don’t know, The Focus Dual has two treatment options- HIFU and Radio Frequency Microneedling.

Hifu uses Ultrasound technology to lift, firm and tighten the skin. It is known as the non-surgical face lift! We also offer body sculpting with HIFU for stubborn fat areas. The RF needling is great for thermal collagen production and wound healing response with the micro needles. This helps with scarring, fine lines, texture, pores, pigmentation, injury scars and stretch marks.

Tracey was concerned with her skin dropping, smile lines and wanted a general lift as well as treat fine lines. We created a package of HIFU & RF needling for her as a package of 6 sessions. 3 sessions of each are recommended for best results lasting you 12-18months, you would then have one session as a top up to maintain the results.

Tracey has had one session of HIFU and one session of RF needling with us so far. She found both treatments comfortable with no downtime. The results so far are amazing, we are so happy for Tracey and cannot wait to see the final results!

The HIFU targets the SMAS layer- the same layer the surgeon will target when doing a surgical face lift. This contracts and triggers collagen & elastic production- results can be seen after one session!

If you’re interested in these treatments request a consultation and we can discuss the best options to suit you.

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