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Skinpen Microneedling VS Regular Microneedling

Why Skinpen Medical Microneedling is the best…

As many of you know we offer the Skinpen Medical Microneedling treatment at our clinic. What I wasn’t aware of was some people do not know the benefits of this amazing device and why it is superior to other microneedling devices.

So, I thought I would write a blog on what Skinpen Microneedling is, how it works and the clinically proven benefits of the treatment, also comparing with other devices on the market.

Some people are inclined to go for a much cheaper treatment using a cheaper device, but cheap is cheap for a reason! It is shocking to see some microneedling treatments available for as low as £50 but truly, this wont have any long term benefit to your skin and certainly wont help with deeper concerns such as fine lines and scarring – it can actually cause more harm than good.

Skinpen Microneedling is the only FDA approved medical microneedling on the market. It has clinically proven evidence for results such as: Pores, stretch marks, fine lines, acne or injury scarring & pigmentation. This device is also known as collagen induction therapy as it produces 400% new collagen after only one session!
Yes, this means results can be seen after one session. After only one session, your skin will be smoother, the texture will be better and pores will be smaller. Of course, skinpen recommends 3-6 sessions for best results for deeper concerns such as fine lines, scarring, pigmentation etc. Skinpen also has a very tight cross infection barrier compared to other devices which have been banned in the UK due to cross infection issues. The treatment is also painless compared to many other devices which are very painful during treatment even with numbing cream

Skinpen microneedling is our most popular treatment in clinic and our patients absolutely love the results. My very own experience with microneedling has also been eye opening and something I always tell our patients. I had suffered with acne and acne scarring for years. Before we opened our clinic, I was unaware of the differences of microneedling, just like some people who are reading this blog. My acne had cleared but I was struggling with scarring, I went to a salon who explained dermapen microneeding will help. I had 12 sessions and saw no difference with my skin at all. It also triggered my acne again. When we opened our clinic and started working with skinpen, I had 2 sessions and my scarring lightened. After all 6 sessions were completed, my skin was clear and amazing. I haven’t suffered with acne or scarring since then (of course keeping up with regular treatments and medical-grade skincare)

We have also had a patient in a similar position, she came to us after having 10 sessions of microneedling with a difference device in London to treat her acne scars. She saw no results. She came to us and tried skinpen microneedling, after one session she saw a difference, she completed her 6 sessions and was in love with the results. Her scarring had gone! Skinpen also helped with her fine lines, skin tone and skin texture. She was so happy.

I hope this helps understand why skinpen is the best and only approved medical microneedling for long term results you will love!-
Please be careful when choosing your treatments- this is your face.

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