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Samantha’s Under Eye Transformation

The lovely Samantha has been a regular patient with us for 2 years and has become more of a friend! Over the years we have treated Samantha for various concerns but mainly antiaging. We have done skin boosters, Botox, dermal fillers, polynucleotides and most recently tear trough filler.

Samantha has had a journey with us trying to treat her under eye area. When Samantha first came to us her main concern was under eyes and she wanted to have tear trough filler. However, on assessment the tear trough filler at that time was not suitable. This was because she had some swelling under the eyes and the skin quality wasn’t too good. If you try to do tear trough filler on top of this, the results will not be great and there is higher risks of complications.

Samantha understood and took our advice on having the sunekos skin booster. This is a non-invasive skin booster which contains amino acids and hyaluronic acid. We inject this all over the face, including under the eyes over a period of 4 sessions. This helps boost the skins collagen, smooth skin texture/pores, helps with uneven skintone and even darkness & lines under the eyes. This treatment can last up to 12 months.

Samantha really liked the treatment and saw amazing results as you can see below for her whole face and under eyes. After a while, we started offering a new under eye treatment called Polynucleotides.

This is a DNA based bio stimulator that promotes skin regeneration and mild volume gain. The polynucleotides work to hydrate, reduce free radical damage and boost your own collagen production. The best thing about this treatment is it completely risk-free unlike tear trough filler.

Samantha had 4 sessions of this treatment to help the swelling and quality of the skin under her eyes. Once the treatment was complete, the under eyes had no swelling and the test of skin quality was much better!

She was now finally ready to have tear trough filler which helps with the hollowness she didn’t like. The tear trough filler was done with a cannula which is the safest option. And we use the best, highest quality of filler.

Samantha was absolutely thrilled with the instant results! You can see the under eyes are more hydrated, it has helped the hollowness and even the darkness straight away- and it will get even better over the next 4 weeks.

Throughout all of Samantha’s treatments with us, she felt no pain, had minimal downtime and saw great results.

If you have any under eye concerns- get in touch for a full under eye assessment where we can decide the best treatment for you

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