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Radha’s Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Experience

Radha’s Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Experience

Radha is a regular patient of ours and recently decided she wanted to try our Aqualyx Fat Dissolving injections for her lower stomach.

Aqualyx is a permanent stubborn fat loss treatment which dissolves fat in areas you’re finding hard to lose such as- stomach, love handles, double chin, arms, thighs or back fat. As long as diet and exercise is maintained the results are permanent!

Aqualyx also contains an anaesthetic in the solution which makes the treatment painless. It is a quick treatment with minimal downtime on most occasions. It can also be known as non-surgical liposuction!

Radha had her first appointment with us and felt it went really well. She didn’t feel any pain and had minimal downtime. The next 2 appointments were done with 4-6 weeks apart. We advised to keep the area tight and drink lots of water as the fat is dissolved through the urine. Radha didn’t experience any pain after the treatment and felt like the swelling went down quickly.

Radha’s Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Experience

Radha was feeling positive about the treatment and felt like she was seeing changes. We also advise up to 6 sessions are required for any body areas and up to 3 sessions for the chin.

After Radha’s 3rd sessions was completed we waited 4 weeks and took some after pictures- you can see there definitely is some results but Radha was aware she will need up to 6 sessions.

We have now started the 2nd package of 3 sessions and excited to see the final results!

If you are thinking about Aqualyx Fat Dissolving give us a call for a free consultation – 07547 236488

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