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Hema’s Medical Hydrafacial Experience

Hema’s Medical Hydrafacial Experience

Hema followed us on Instagram and booked in for the first time to have a Medical Hydrafacial. She had never had a Hydrafacial before and was concerned about dry, dehydrated skin which was breakout prone.

A Hydrafacial is a 7 step exfoliating facial which uses suction technique to remove dead skin cells, oils and debris under the skin revealing brighter and more hydrated skin.

Our Medical Hydrafacial is quite different to others. As medical professionals we can provide a higher % of chemical peels and stronger targeted boosters. This is able to travel deeper into the layers of the skin giving you better and longer lasting results.

During our Medical Hydrafacial we also include a collagen, hyaluronic acid and aloe Vera face mask where these amazing hydrating and healing ingredients seep through the skin and open pores while the mask sits on the face for 10-15mins.

We are also proud to have the worlds strongest light therapy machine in our clinic. This is called Dermalux Tri-Wave MD. This incredible treatment is added on for 20mins after your Hydrafacial when opting for the medical option. Unlike any other light therapy, this has clinically proven wavelengths of light which will travel down into the dermis of the skin and reproduce new collagen and repair the skin.

The Tri-WaveMD has many different options we can select depending on your main skin concerns. This could be- acne, rosacea, pigmentation, skin sensitivity, arthritis/pain, wrinkles and more. Essentially, you are getting the benefits of a in depth Hydrafacial as well as the full medical benefits of the worlds strongest light therapy- a 2 in 1 treatment!

During Hema’s treatment we also signed her up to the medical-grade skincare products by AlumierMD and created a prescription pad on the products which will benefit her skin.

When we started the treatment we cleansed & toned the skin, carried out lymphatic drainage to eliminate any toxins in the lymph nodes which can cause symptoms such as- swelling, pain, inflammation and redness.

We then moved on to- the first step of exfoliation using the Hydrafacial patented serums, chemical peel to aid further exfoliation- (this is very light and would not cause any peeling) next step was extraction which we removed any blackheads/whiteheads or congestion in the skin mainly in the T ZONE. After this, we did a targeted medical booster using Dr Nassifs hydraglucagon for extra long lasting hydration.

We then, used the hydrate fuse and protect stage and Hema opted for a lip perk serum. This is a serum filled with ingredients to plump, exfoliate and hydrate the lips. We only use a 1/4 in clinic and the rest is for you to take home and use for 30 days to maintain your results.

The collagen face mask was applied and once all aftercare was completed Hema moved on to have the Dermalux Tri-wave MD Light therapy.

The results speak for themselves!
We advise at least 3-6 sessions for best results
If you have any questions or would like to book a free skin consultation please get in touch

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