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Heather’s Rosacea Journey – Facial Skincare

Heather initially came to use for a consultation regarding her skin. She was worried about the rosacea on her face. Rosacea is a skin condition which results in the skin appearing red in colour, with patches and can also exist with breakouts. The skin can be sensitive, itchy and difficult to cover.

We did a skin analysis for Heather which takes pictures of the skin. The pictures are of different depths of the skin and in various lighting. This shows us what the eyes cannot see, including pores, texture, redness, breakouts, pigmentation and fine lines. This analysis then creates a report of what treatment and products will be best for you.

From the analysis, we decided Heather should start on the calming collection by AlumierMD. AlumierMD is a natural science based, clinically proven medical- grade skincare brand. They have products for every skin condition and skin type. The products also are vegan, contain no parabens, oils, fragrance or artificial ingredients- perfect for sensitive skin!

The calming collection contains- an spf, calming/sensitive prone cleanser, moisturiser and serum to use morning and night. Heather also started on some clear supplements by Hush & Hush, these are organic and clinically proven supplements to help internally reduce breakouts and inflammation on the skin.

Heather decided to start off with a medical Hydrafacial which included the worlds strongest Dermalux light therapy. The Hydrafacial removed all dead skin, blackheads & whiteheads as well as providing the skin with hydration & glow.

Once this was done, Heather booked her first package of 6 Dermalux light therapy sessions using our TriwaveMD. This has a special setting to treat Rosacea and the clinically proven wavelengths of light can travel down into the layers of the skin to promote collagen, heal the skin and clear bacteria. Resulting in brighter, less red and glowing skin.

Heather was so pleased with her results after only a few sessions and saw a huge difference when her package was completed. She then decided to book another 6 sessions as well as introduce a retinol into her skincare routine. A retinol is the gold standard product (must be medical-grade to work) to produce new collagen and renew skin cells over night. AlumierMD retinol is super gentle and contains ingredients such as niacinamide, honey and aloe Vera.

Heather is now nearly finished her second package of light therapy (12 sessions are advised) and the results speak for themselves!

It’s so important to invest in the right skincare products as well as having in-clinic treatments – this will definitely give you the best long-term results.

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