Lip Filler

Harriet’s lip filler experience at Escape Aesthetics

This weeks blog is on Harriet’s lip filler treatment with us. Harriet originally came to us in 2021 to have her lips done for the first time. She was most conscious about her upper lip as she felt it was very thin.

We applied numbing cream and did a thorough consultation. After the consultation Harriet decided to have 1ml lip filler. It is important to know 0.5ml is a very small amount of filler. It will give you an extremely subtle result which can last 3 months. Most of the time you would have to build up the filler within 6-8 weeks to see a more noticeable result.

We use the highest quality filler brand on the market- Teoxane. Please remember, quality of brand is very important, as well as injection technique and choosing a safe, qualified and medical injector. If this is not considered, complications can occur.

During treatment Harriet felt minimal pain and was very happy with the instant results. Harriet came back after her first time within 5 months. After the second time the filler lasted quite a while and Harriet felt like she achieved her desired look.

We recently saw Harriet after 2 years, she again had 1ml lip filler and the results speak for themselves!

The picture below shows the lips without any filler and compared to what they look like now. It does show if you are going to a safe, accredited practitoner who uses high quality products- you can achieve amazing, natural and long lasting results!

If you’re considering lip filler but not too sure, please get in touch for a free consultation 07547 236488

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