Francessca’s Hydrafacial Glow-Up

Francessca is a regular patient of ours and has come to us for dermal fillers and Botox.
On this occasion she booked in for a Platinum Hydrafacial. For those of you who do not know, a Hydrafacial is a 7 step deep exfoliating and extracting facial which leaves the skin glowing for weeks after.

Francessca’s main concern was her skin looking dull, blackheads on her nose and lacking the hydration & glow.

The Hydrafacial uses special suction techniques to reveal brighter looking skin- and you can see your gunk jar at the end!

The Platnium Hydrafacial includes- a lymphatic drainage massage at the beginning which is great to drain any toxins in the lymph nodes down into the neck. These toxins could be causing redness, headaches, jaw pain or inflammation/swelling.

We cleanse the skin, exfoliate using the first step, then we use a chemical peel (light) to aid further exfoliation and remove dead skin/oils/impurities. We then use the extraction setting to remove any blackheads and whiteheads or congestion in the skin. We can also do this manually if needed for deeper blackheads.

The next step was a personalised booster for targeting areas on the face. We used a retinol one to help with textured areas and extra exfoliation. The next step was done for adding all the hydration back into the skin for the final glow.

The last step was using the light therapy to help calm any redness and promote more collagen production.

We finished off with the aftercare and applied all the serums/moisturisers needed including Spf. Here we use something very special to give you an unreal long lasting glow you can see in the pictures below!

If your skin is lacking hydration and you want that glass skin glow! Get in touch to book your Hydrafacial.

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