Experience with a Hydrafacial by Cassandra

Experience with a Hydrafacial by Cassandra

Cassandra booked in with us for a Medical Hydrafacial as she was concerned with her large pores, blackheads and wanted her skin to be more hydrated & glowing as she had an event coming up. We always recommend a Hydrafacial a week before you have an event as your skin will look amazing as well as makeup sitting perfectly.

With our medical Hydrafacial we are able to involve things such as medical boosters, medical face masks as well as the worlds strongest LED light therapy at the end of the facial due to being trained medics.

The Hydrafacial involves doing a cleanse on the skin, we always use the Lumispa to do this as it’s a deep pore cleanse removing any makeup, dirt and bacteria on the skin. After the cleanse we carry out lymphatic Drainage which is removing all the toxins from your face and draining it down into your neck, this helps with the reduction of inflammation, puffiness, redness and any other problems that you might be having in your face or neck. It can even be related to headaches and pain which can be reduced just by getting rid of the toxins.

The third step of the Hydrafacial is exfoliation, the reason the Hydrafacial is world renowned is because the serums it comes with are patented to only be used with the Hydrafacial! These serums come out of the suction tube and they go directly into the skin while we are exfoliating. Once this has been completed we then exfoliate with a chemical peel, this is a light chemical peel that further helps remove the dead skin, black heads and bacteria from the skin.

We go over the face with the chemical peel which may feel slightly tingly however Cassandra felt completely fine throughout and didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. She found the treatment super relaxing. We then did an extraction, this was the one Cassandra really wanted to focus on, we mainly focused on the t-zone, chin and moving up to the nose and forehead area as there was quite a lot of blackheads and open pores. We removed all the blackheads and saw a huge difference afterwards which Cassandra was really happy with!

Experience with a Hydrafacial by Cassandra

The next step we do is a medical booster this is not included in the normal Hydrafacial and is only used in our medical Hydrafacial. These are available for medical professionals to use in their clinics. It is targeted for any concerns a client may have such as acne, anti-aging or pigmentation. We once again go over the face using the suction technique removing any dead skin cells and exfoliating the face again.

The next stage is adding hydration to the skin which is called fuse and hydrate. We are adding the specific hydrating serums into the skin and this helps the skin to glow afterwards. With the medical Hydrafacial we then do a collagen, hyaluronic acid and Aloevera face mask this helps the skin to heal, especially if there is a little bit of redness!

As the pores are open the goodness of the mask goes into the skin so all the ingredients are absorbed straight away.

The next stage is light therapy which comes with the Hydrafacial machine, this straight away will help close the pores, increased blood circulation and rejuvenate the skin. We apply SPF for protection and then move onto the Dermalux LED Therapy.

Experience with a Hydrafacial by Cassandra

This is the worlds strongest and clinically proven light therapy also used in hospitals. This can treat a variety of things such as, mood, arthritis pain, any type of pain, pigmentation and acne to name just a few! But really helps with reduction of redness and healing post treatment.

Cassandra moved into our other treatment room and sat under the LED Light for up to 15 minutes of therapy. The machine is pre programmed with the clinically proven wave lengths for every single skin type or condition so we selected post treatment rejuvenation. This will help the skin cells renew and help the skin to heal after the Hydrafacial and make sure the skin is glowing! This will also help to reduce any downtime after treatment.

Experience with a Hydrafacial by Cassandra
Cassandra was so happy with her results. As you can see by the before and after pictures, her skin was glowing, the blackheads were gone and she was ready for her up coming event! If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation please get in touch or you can use the link below

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