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Ally’s anti-wrinkle transformation

Ally came to us for some anti-wrinkle treatment. She has had dermal filler before but had never experienced anti-wrinkle treatments. She was concerned about the forehead lines, frown lines and lines around her eyes.

On consultation, we noticed the lines were becoming slightly present when relaxed but were very expressive on movement. It is very important to know, anti-wrinkle treatment should be done as a prevention. The earlier you target these areas, the better and longer lasting the results. If Ally left these areas for longer, the lines would be harder to get rid of. Also, the treatment would only last her 3-4 months. As she is starting to have this treatment now, after a few sessions it will last her 6-12 months and then yearly!

Unlike filler, if you do leave having this treatment to a later stage, where lines are expressive when relaxed then it can possibly become untreatable as you cannot have dermal filler on this area.

After the consultation we cleansed the area, numbing cream is not needed as the treatment is super quick, and we use a very fine needle.

Ally felt no pain during the procedure- she was slightly red and bumpy which went away after a hour or so. She had no bruising or any downtime and could resume normal day to day activities.

The anti-wrinkle treatment takes 2-3 weeks to completely kick in and we offer a free top-up if needed.

We were shocked with the difference when we took Ally’s after pictures!
They look amazing and she felt so good afterwards. Her skin was glowing and she received lots of compliments.

Ally said- “She will be keeping up with her treatment and is so happy with the results”

If you’re thinking about anti-wrinkle treatment but unsure, please get in touch for a free consultation

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